Non-Member Application Form

Print this form, complete it and mail OR fax it to AFP.

CHECK PAYMENTS: Make check payable to AFP and mail with this form to:

P.O. Box 64714
Baltimore, MD 21264

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Fax this form with credit card information to 301.907.2864, ATTN: Membership Department.

To avoid duplicate payments, do not mail applications that were previously faxed.

ANNUAL DUES - $75 (payable in U.S. dollars) - $75 dues payment only applies for professionals who are between positions. All other individuals must pay the current membership rate of $495. At the end of the Career Trust year, all members are invoiced the regular membership dues rate. All memberships are 12-months in duration based upon the month in which you join. For example, individuals whose AFP membership begins in April will have an expiration date of March 31 the following year.

Please TYPE or PRINT.

 Mr.     Ms.     Mrs.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: _________________________  State/Province: ___________________

Zip/Postal Code: _______________  Country: _________________________

Phone: ________________________  Fax: ___________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________________


Indicate the professional credentials you have earned (excluding college degrees):

 CTP      CCM     CPA     CFA     Other - Specify:  ________________

PAYMENT INFORMATION: $75 (payable in U.S. dollars)

Dues are individual, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Dues payments may be deductible as a business expense but are not deductible as a charitable contribution.


 Check Enclosed     American Express     Discover
 MasterCard     VISA

For Check Payment Make check payable to AFP. Mail check and this form to
AFP, P.O. Box 64714, Baltimore, MD 21264.

For Credit Card Payment Fax this form and credit card information (below) to 301.907.2864. To avoid duplicate payments, do not mail applications that were previously faxed.

Card # : _______________________________  Exp. Date: ______________

Signature: ________________________________________________________

For AFP use only:

Reg. #_______  

LB Date _________