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AFP Money Market Funds MonitorCountry ProfilesVirtual Account Readiness Tool
Glossary of Technical TermsPlanning System RFP Template and Vendor Scoring MatrixUnclaimed Property Checklist
Short-Term Investment Policy TemplateTreasury Checklist for Libor
Financial Modeling Tool
e-Invoicing AssessmentRisk Reporting TemplateDesign Innovation Process Template
Fraud Policy TemplateFP&A Career Planning ToolBank Scorecard

AFP Money Market Funds Monitor

In partnership with EPFR

Access comparative daily information for institutional money-market funds. This money fund data provides corporate cash investors with critical information needed to make daily investment decisions. In addition, this data assists with reducing risk, compliance and due diligence reporting.


Country Profiles

AFP Country Profiles provide country-specific information to help you make informed, global decisions. Thirty reports are available in PDF format for fast search capability and quick download.


Glossary of FP&A Technical Terms

This glossary is a companion to the FP&A Guide to Implementing a Planning System.  It covers many terms common to these types of projects and should be a resource for your own efforts.

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Planning System RFP Template and Vendor Scoring Matrix

These customizable tools are intended to help you accelerate your planning and reporting project. These are a companion to the FP&A Guide to Implementing a Planning System, Selecting the Software.

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Short-Term Investment Policy Template

A formal investment policy establishes a clear understanding of your company's investment objectives and general philosophy. This template allows you to create a general investment policy appropriate for every type of organization.

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Treasury Checklist for Libor

The Treasury Checklist for Libor is meant to serve as a roadmap to manage the various instruments your Department could use in the normal course of business. Along with the list of various instruments, we reviewed the recommended fallback language from the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC). Download the Working Document to customize for your organization.

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e-Invoicing Assessment

Are you a candidate for e-invoicing? Answer 5 questions to benchmark your organization and build your business case.

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Risk Reporting Template

Getting started on risk planning may seem daunting, but these step-by-step templates can help you through the process. Starting with parameters of risk (impact, likelihood, and velocity) and working through action plans, these tools are intended to be customizable and applicable at the entity and business unit levels.

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Fraud Policy Template

Use this template to implement a thorough and effective fraud policy. It was supplied to AFP by a treasurer for a real, multinational organization.

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Career Planning Tool

The ability to pivot quickly is key in navigating your career. You can do this by creating a flexible plan of where you want to go, building strong networks along the way and continuing your education. Use this tool to think about various times, activities and plans to achieve your goals.

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Best Face Forward Checklist

With the transition to video-based communication, we’ve put together a checklist based on client and candidate feedback to help you put your best face forward.

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Scenario Planning Template

This template is intended to be used by finance practitioners developing scenarios and action plans. Modify the framework to fit your needs and enhance your work. Update the variables to fit your industry, enterprise size, and unique situation.

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Virtual Account Readiness Tool

Having a virtual account management structure allows companies to create a series of accounts for different activities or clients while eliminating the need to put in place a separate liquidity management structure. Download the checklist and review the readiness questions to assess what steps your organization needs to fulfill in order to successfully set up a VAM structure.

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Unclaimed Property Checklist

Failure to report unclaimed property — and to deliver the unclaimed property to a state — can result in substantial penalties for your business. States do not take this failure lightly and have stepped up their auditing of businesses to ensure compliance with reporting requirements. But don’t worry: By taking the actions outlined in this checklist, you can minimize your risk and ensure compliance.

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Model Supervision Tool

This supplement to the AFP Guide to Financial Modeling and Model Supervision is intended to help your team build better models. It includes supervisor principles to consider during the build and implementation stages. Practitioners should apply and modify these principles in a manner that best fits their organizations.

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Design Innovation Process

What does design have to do with finance? The Design Innovation (DI) Process is a formal set of tools used to bring out one’s goals and motivations and to expose any potential sticking points. The graphic can be used to plan DI for processes, including finance. Practitioners should apply and modify these principles in a manner that best fits their organizations.

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Bank Scorecard

The AFP Bank Scorecard is your tool for comprehensive evaluation of your banking relationships. This tool uses qualitative and quantitative measures to capture critical feedback on services provided including AR Collections, Foreign Exchange, Investment Management and more.

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