Career Trust Service - FAQ

Q: How do I qualify for AFP Career Trust membership?

  • Members: Applicants must have been a full dues paying AFP member the prior year and agree to remit full dues ($495) once they become re-employed. This is a one-time only member benefit.
  • Non-members: Applicants must currently be unemployed. Career Trust membership is $75. Once Career Trust members become re-employed, they agree to establish full dues paying status.

Q: Does Career Trust equal a free year of membership?

A: Career Trust is designed to suspend the payment of membership dues (or reduce first year dues for non-members) during a period of unemployment, for up to one membership year. Career Trust membership calls for members to remit full dues ($495) once they become re-employed.

Q: I was not an AFP member last year, but was a member the year before. I am now unemployed. Am I eligible for the full dues suspension?

A: Since you were not a member of AFP during the prior year, you may rejoin AFP for $75 as a Career Trust member.

Q: I was a Career Trust member during a prior year and I am again unemployed. Am I eligible for Career Trust membership?

A: No, the Career Trust membership is a one-time only benefit.

Q: When do Career Trust memberships expire?

A: All AFP memberships, including Career Trust memberships, are 12 months in duration based upon the month in which you join. For example, individuals whose AFP membership begins in April will have an expiration date of March 31 the following year.

Q: What benefits come with the Career Trust membership?

A: Members are encouraged to establish a relationship with the Career Services department and take advantage of the Online Job Center and Resume Critiquing service. Regular communications are sent to Career Trust members detailing the numerous benefits of AFP, special events and career related information. Members also receive full AFP benefits, including:

  • Access to the member only section of the AFP Web site
  • Member pricing on all AFP products and services
  • Member publications (Online Headlines, and AFP Exchange).