Intentional Learning


In the digital era of free-flow information, innovation can occur rapidly, making certain processes and objects obsolete. The exact same can happen to your professional skills— just take data analysis and automation as current examples. To achieve success today, professionals should focus on learning new skills and combining them together in creative ways to ensure skill transference and continued job security.

Through intentional learning, professionals can develop a mindset of curiosity and growth that allows them to approach all experiences as learning opportunities.

Explore the intentional learning concepts in the articles and recorded webinars below.


Five Core Skills for Intentional Learning and the Career Advantage

For intentional learners, learning is not work. It does not require extra effort. Instead, it is unconscious, reflexive – a mindset from which they operate all the time. In today’s world, where all professionals are expected to refresh and upgrade their skill set on an ongoing basis, intentional learners have the career advantage. Fortunately, we all have the ability to become intentional learners.
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Aspiring Business Partner: FP&A is Falling Short of CFO Expectations

Many companies are calling on their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams to help navigate present uncertainties. As one finance executive told us, “I need an operating thought partner and not someone that is just keeping score.” CFOs and finance teams have recognized the need to transform FP&A for some time. Yet despite years of redesigning processes and investing in new technologies, many have not achieved their expected results.
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Treasury Pros Must Get Data-Proficient to Remain Relevant, Competitive

Treasury professionals have been told for years that the keys to career success are to know the business, to embrace technology, and to master so-called soft, or people, skills. But an entire new set of skills has been added to the must-have list, all centered on data management, data analytics and software automation.
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Recorded Webinars

Intentional Learning and the Career Advantage

Join two of McKinsey’s learning experts, Matt Smith, Chief Learning Officer and Lisa Christensen, Director of Learning Design & Development, for an engaging dialogue on the core mindsets and skills of effective learners that you can apply for yourself and with your teams.
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What the CEO and Board Expect From Finance Today

In this webinar, an expert panel comprised of leaders from AFP, Kyriba, financial institutions, and the corporate C-suite (or finance) will outline what boards expect from finance and treasury today, expectations to drive greater liquidity, and strategies to protect cash, liquidity and balance sheets.
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