Management Resources


Throughout most of our careers, we will be responsible for leading a team or employee, but many of us don't have training in leadership. Utilize the resources below to grow your management chops and become the best leader you can be.


  • Managing Your Blended Team

    By Bryan Lapidus, FP&A | Subject Matter Expert | AFP
    The work team has expanded to co-workers, freelancers, vendors and so forth, creating a blended team. Here's how to manage all those different actors.
  • 7 Steps to Keep Abrasive Leadership from Spreading

    By Katrina Burrus, Ph.D., MCC | Founder | MKB Excellent Coaching, LLC
    Abrasive leadership can end up sinking the whole organization; learn how to correct bad behavior before it sets in and affects your team.
  • The Most Successful Team Trait

    By Bryan Lapidus FP&A | Subject Matter Expert | AFP
    Ensuring psychological safety within the workplace is a key aspect in team growth and success.
  • Project Management Essentials

    By Steven Phillips | Assistant Treasurer | AZZ, Inc.
    Become more organized and efficient by learning the essentials of project management.
  • Hiring FP&A Professionals? Here Are Eight Traits to Pursue

    By Nilly Essaides | Senior Research Director | The Hackett Group
    Are you building an FP&A team? Here's what to look for.


The CFO's Role in Professional Development

Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of AFP & Mark McGivney, Chief Financial Officer of Marsh and McLennan Companies


2021 AFP Compensation Report

The 33rd annual AFP Compensation Report provides detailed job description and salary information for 22 different job titles in seven different industries across the four major census regions of the U.S.
*The full 2021 AFP Compensation Report is an exclusive AFP Member benefit. Non-members can download the highlights.


  • Using Tactical Empathy to Build Rapport

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FP&A Trends
    3 mins
    Understand how empathy can foster stronger business relationships.
  • Storytelling for Business

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FP&A Trends
    10 mins
    Learn how to become a captivating presenter and get your point across.
  • Leveraging Introversion as a Superpower

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FP&A Trends
    5 mins
    Open your mind to understanding how natural introvert traits can be leveraged as a superpower that allows one to thrive in their career, build key relationships, and quickly and effectively close skill gaps and drive results.