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AFP 2022 FP&A Handbook

Underwritten by Jedox

FP&A Handbook

The FP&A Handbook: The Who, What and Why of FP&A, defines the core functions of FP&A and contains case studies and career paths of current FP&A Professionals around the globe. It gives you an inside look into real-life FP&A.

The handbook begins by sharing what finance brings to the table. It then explores all things related to FP&A, including what is FP&A, what role FP&A plays in an organization, a day in the life of an FP&A practitioner, characteristics of leading organizations, career paths, and a comprehensive glossary of FP&A terms. 

The pace of change in business and life has never been greater — and it will only increase from here. With this comes the evolution of the CFO role, in this new era comes the opportunity to harness new tools to create new capabilities for finance, leading to new operating models of how we deliver our services to the company.  FP&A leads the charge.


FP&A often goes by different names in different companies and countries, but it always has the same goal: to optimize the use of capital and resources by supporting business decisions.

FP&A drives business decisions throughout the organization through three key services: 
1. Integrated planning and forecasting 
2. Performance management
3. Financial analysis 


FP&A focuses on Where Capital is Going and goes by different names in different countries and organizations. But for most, FP&A sits between Accounting and the rest of the business. 
Below is a list of terms, definitions and applications of FP&A.

  • Business Controller
  • Centralized FP&A
  • Decentralized FP&A
  • Expense Analyst
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Finance Analysts or Finance Consultant
  • Financial Controller
  • Line Of Business Finance
  • Management Accountants
  • Operations Finance
  • Sales And Operations Planning (S&Op)
  • Shared Services/Center of Excellence/Analytics

A Day-in-the-Life of an FP&A Professional

What’s it like to be an FP&A professional? Because FP&A is such a diverse role, pulling on many areas of knowledge, skills and abilities that apply a financial lens to business and strategic planning and analysis, we have three views of a “day in the life” of FP&A professionals from around the world.

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