Fundraising Fitness Test (FFT)

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In collaboration with PSI/Adventist, the FEP has developed downloadable FEP Fundraising Fitness Test applications that allow nonprofits to measure and evaluate their fundraising programs against a set of over 100 performance indicators by five donor giving levels. In addition, the seven GiG Reports provide concise, yet informative pictures of fundraising gains and losses-growth in giving and attrition – in a simple, reader-friendly format that the executive staff and board members can understand.

All the FEP Fundraising Fitness Test reports and GiG Reports are growth-oriented fundraising tools for tracking growth in giving by various performance indicators, gift ranges and gain(loss) categories. GiG reports can show performance for the fundraising program overall, as well as for each fundraising activity, such as direct mail and major gifts. Based on these reports, fundraising managers can recommend detail-level strategies by gain/loss category for each fundraising activity.

Using the recently created Growth in Giving Database at the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), FEP has developed the downloadable National Fundraising Fitness Statistics (NFFS). This Excel file provides Fitness Test users with comparative statistics in the same format of the 11 Fitness Test reports (over 750 performance indicators) for 6,314 small to mid-sized organizations.

To download the files, click here.

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